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I now put my phone in the band, plug in my earphones and get on with my workout. The best part is I am not forever checking where my phone is. If you do dumbbells you will know that the thought of dropping the weights on your phone is always going through your mind. If you want to workout in The lettering had already started to come off after I've worn it a couple of times but i don't care one bit; that should be THE ONLY complaint when anyone else goes to buy one of these bc they really are pretty cool!

Sweat; no problem, it's a dry fit material so your phone will not get wet unless it rains then just use common since at that point. Anyway, I'm a mover for Bernards in florida so yea This armband is perfect for iphone 7. I love that I can keep my phone it's case when I use this armband. It holds well on my arm. I can still use my phone like normal. The best part is the opening for the button so it can still read your thumbprint! Thanks for a great product! I bought one for my friend for Christmas and then got myself one!

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Awesome quality with small features that make it stand out. For example, the small piece of hard rubber at the end of the arm band that allows you to put it on one handed, which is must when walking with a dog! It has a couple pockets to place stuff in and holes at both ends that so you can run cords out either side. Very functional and good quality.

I highly recommend this armband for anyone with an iPhone 7. I've tried a few other bands but this is the clear winner for me. The key and card storage is great too without adding any extra bulk. I have been wanting a quality iPhone arm band for running for over a year, but I never got around to purchasing one, because I was unhappy with what I found at the local big box store for both quality and price. As I mentioned above I was blown away with the quality of this product for what it is.

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Especially for the current reduced price! The water resistant material feels quality to the touch and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of the product because of it. The product is very light weight and is so comfortable to wear with a phone in it that you barely notice it. I bought it for my girlfriend as a gift, and I'm glad to know she loves this armband very much! It is very convenient to put the key, credit cards and her iPhone X with case into the armband together. A lot of that will happen over iCloud.

iOS 13 is coming this week: Here's what to expect

You can still sync files with the PC wirelessly over your home network. Make charging the iPhone easier by picking up a small desk dock that keeps ugly wires out of sight and makes it super easy to pop the iPhone in and out. The iPhone has an Android-like notification bar, but it still lacks function keys or a back button. Its home screen is actually the first menu pane. You swipe between multiple menu panels, which contain icons for the apps that do everything you'd want.

Swipe right from home to get to widgets; swipe down from the top of any page to get all your Notifications; swipe up from the bottom to get the Control Center.

A single button at the bottom of the iPhone screen returns you to the home screen—unless you get the new iPhone X push down on the bottom of the screen and swipe up to go home or swipe down from the upper right for Control Center. You can use it to get secure access to the iPhone, as well as buy and download things from iTunes and the App Store, and authenticate purchases from within supported apps via Apple Pay.

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To delete or move an app, hold a finger down on any icon until they all start wiggling and then drag them around or into folders pull one icon atop another icon. Or click the X on the icon to delete the entire app not just the icon. Contrary to popular belief, however, this does not save battery or speed up your device. On iPhone X, access App Switcher by holding down on the bottom and swiping about halfway up.

Since the iPhone 6, there's been a difference between double-pressing—where you physically push the home button in—and a quick double-tap on the button without pushing down.

How to Set Video as Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone!

The latter moves the top half of your screen down, so it's easier to reach things at the top using your tiny thumbs. Apple literally calls this feature "Reachability. Guess what? On iPhone X, Reachability is gone. Apple's iOS 11 has a one-handed keyboard option, but that probably won't make up for it. Don't forget to bask in the beautiful absence of bloatware on iOS save for a handful of Apple-provided apps. It's arguably the very best thing about Apple keeping an absolute stranglehold on its hardware and operating system. The single best reason to switch to the iPhone remains the App Store.

Google Play has largely caught up, but as a general rule, Apple's App Store still offers a greater variety. You can find many more games, and apps tend to appear on the iPhone before other platforms. Incidentally, most of this comes down to economics, rather than a religious war between the two platforms. It's just easier for iPhone developers to sell apps and get paid. That said, some consider it a monopoly since it's the only place you can get iOS apps.

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In OS 11, the App Store update includes a Games-specific tab, and a Today page to better showcase the best new and updated apps. There are far fewer hardware SKUs to worry about with the iPhone—no fragmentation—which greatly reduces development and QA time. Android OS revisions have become a tremendous mess over time, as various phone manufacturers and wireless carriers delay updates for months on end.

Meanwhile, current iPhones get free updates with major new features on a regular basis, and most Apple's iOS updates are stable out of the gate with the occasional exception. Note that the Move to iOS app only works when setting up an iPhone for the first time—it's not for transfers to an already operating iPhone.

But, there is a way to make that transfer to a working iPhone. Use AnyTrans from iMobie. This desktop software for Windows or macOS handles a lot of functions outside of phones, like downloading YouTube videos. Plus it gives you more control over the photos, contacts, calendars, and messages you do send to your new iPhone.

The transfer—done via cable, not wireless—won't overwrite existing data on the iPhone. If you want to do things the slightly harder way, without the help of an app, here's what you need to know.

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If you've committed some or all of your digital life to Google services like Gmail, Drive, and Calendar, you're in luck. All the major Google services have versions for iPhone with similar, if not identical, functionality. For example, it's a breeze to use Gmail with the dedicated Gmail app on iPhone. Or sync your Gmail accounts with just about any iPhone email app, from the one that's built in, to third-party apps like our favorite, Microsoft Outlook for iPhone. Google also makes Google Inbox for Gmail , which makes the interface even simpler.

You'll also find it easy to use Google Drive to access files, or use the individual apps for Docs, Sheets, and Slides as desired for editing. This is particularly handy for your contacts.

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Apps like My Contacts also create a backup of your contacts on Android and make it easy to edit names on the web and import into iOS or vice versa. Once upon a time, iTunes was still the dominant app for listening to music, especially on PCs and Macs. Clunky as it is, iTunes—along with Apple's iCloud and iTunes Match services—made it pretty easy to access all your music across devices—but not on Android.

If you've got a lot of music purchased via the Google Play store, download it to a local PC—you'll have to do it on the computer—by going to play. Then open iTunes on the PC and drag all your music files in. Apple takes a 30 percent cut of all in-app purchases made on the App Store, so Spotify passes that cost to you. Media also includes photos and videos, and you may have a lot of them on your Android device.